Jonathan Smith

Award Winning Creative Director

Creative Director


After The Best Year in the Worst Year Ever for Subaru Canada, launched the new Welcome to Uncommon brand.
Introduced the Subaru Wilderness, numerous new models and oversaw 4 years of record-beating retail events.

Developed a 360 brand campaign for Burnbrae Farms. Created a fun Home Equity Bank spot, gave Tim Hortons a boost during the NBA finals, found a new way to celebrate Chinese New Year with Interac at the height of Covid, and added a stylish face mask to the Harry Rosen collection. Plus, a timely call to #ReverseTheBan on Pride Jerseys for PFLAG.

Meet John Smith

I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong. It’s great to be John Smith because it’s the most advertised name of all time. Thank you bank advertising.

So what has Jonathan, Johnny or Jhon (bless you Starbucks) done to elevate the most prolific name in advertising you ask? According to Google search, you’re looking at the most awarded Jonathan Smith on the planet. And the internet is never wrong.


1 Yellow Pencil, 1 Graphite, 3 Wood

Cannes Lion

Gold, 2 Bronze, 6 finalists


Best of the Best, 5 Golds


2 Gold, 2 Bronze


2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze

Communications Arts

6 Entries

Brands I’ve worked on

Be Brave or Be Forgotten

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